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I want to thank you on behalf of the little ones. Because you found it in your heart to care, they have access to the latest treatments, cutting-edge equipment and the best care possible.

You give the children in our care so much with your generosity. Because of you, even the sickest kids in the province have hope for a full recovery, the opportunity to grow stronger, and the chance for the full and happy life every child deserves.

Thank you again for caring about the children, for giving them every chance to get better and enjoy many more holidays at home with those they love.

BC Children’s Hospital |

Child on Wheelchair

Our Social Responsibility

Trans Canada Labels offers discounts to registered charities and faith-based organizations (of any denomination) on their labeling requirements.

We also support the following charitable initiatives, including:

  • Red Cross

  • The Salvation Army

  • United Way

  • AKDN (The Aga Khan Development Network)

  • Focus Humanitarian

  • 2-Worlds Cancer Collaboration Foundation

  • Local Food Banks

  • Shriner’s

  • Uganda Community Library Association Projects

  • The Lwannunda Women’s Literacy & Microfinance Group

  • The World Partnership Walk

  • Women’s & Children’s Hospital

  • YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association)

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