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Label Design & Barcoding Software

At Trans Canada Labels, we carry the world’s best selling label design and barcode generating software programs:



Basic (single user)

BarTender®’s most important design features, but no database access and no automation.

Professional (single user)

All the design features of automation and most of the data access, but no automation from other software. Supports RFID.

Automation (multi user)

BarTender®’s most powerful label design features, plus our standard integration features for automated control by other software. Supports RFID.

Enterprise Automation (multi user)

Our most powerful edition, with advanced server functions for centralized printing and administration. Our most advanced integration features. Supports RFID and all card printing and smart card encoding functions. Includes all 8 companion applications, including Librarian and our most advanced version of Security Center. Printer Maestro includes tracking of printer supply usage.


  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

Whether you are a small business or a large multi-national company, we have the right label design and barcoding software for you!

Call or email one of our knowledgeable representatives for more information or recommendations on the right software for your requirements!

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